Hart verwamend bericht

Hi Galdino I hope all is well. I just wanted to reach out to you as I approach a year since finishing my internship with you and as I now recently begin my graduation internship I wanted to send a short thank you

After what was evidently and self admittedly a really tough time last year personally while working with yourself last year you firstly above all else showed a lot of compassion where others wouldn’t have and gave me time to get my health to a better place never applying any pressure to me during that time which will always be massively appreciated as I’ll openly say it was a dark time for me and I struggled a lot. However more importantly once I improved you gave me a real kick and some necessary tough love to take my positive talk I was producing and find a way to actually put it into practice and not waste it

I’m really happy to say that I’ve held your words and our conversations after events closely and continue to highly value them to this day. After these conversations and working with you I came away with a real hunger to replicate your drive and work ethic into my own Pathway and push to put what’s in my head into action seeing your passion and work rate in action and the success you’ve self created. I’m really pleased to say I recently began my graduation internship and landed my dream role in Hungary with a top Basketball team through your advice and have really nailed down both academically and career wise and where opportunities seemed few and far between stuck to your philosophies and kept pushing and as a result I have really landed on my feet and finally secured this amazing opportunity out here.

While my time with yourself was often stop start and disrupted by many issues on my end personally, as you said it’s still a learning curve and I needed to take those experiences and mistakes and develop from them, so while I am still disappointed in what I delivered for you across my internship as I knew I could do better and deliver more by my own and your standards and I wish I could do it all over again, I have to say from my experiences I learned and took more from you on both a life and professional basis than I have from anyone else in my life combined and you made me realise and become more self aware of many aspects about myself both personally and professionally to find my effective ways of working. I really do owe a lot to yourself, so as a result I really wanted to reach out and say thank you for helping me find my flaws and to make necessary changes and equally to maximise my stronger attributes and learn how to use them more and have confidence in those.

While sadly our paths didn’t diverge for another internship I was always very transparent about what my personal goals were and I think it’s really healthy to say that you’ve really steered me in right the direction to reaching my goals and my time working with yourself is a period I will always hold in high esteem and value as its really guided me in a positive direction for the rest of my life professionally and as I say while I wish I could do my internship all over again with you and deliver a better performance as I have regrets, you have really helped guide me to my dream Internship and ultimately job in a time frame I never truly believed was possible.

You always said if you could help or guide even one person through your work you would be happy, so I hope this message is one you can feel great pride in having directed me to a place I never dreamed of reaching by 21 and showing your approach isn’t just inspiring to kids and engages them you also engaged me and taught me huge amounts.

Apologies this is very long and I probably should have sent a voice note on reflection but as I say I wanted to send a short thank you as you really have helped steer me in the right direction and gave me honest feedback I needed to here.

All the Best,

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